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November 2021

Replacement Air Intake Fan

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This replacement air intake fan was installed in a busy Halifax pub. Following the installation of a new gas interlock panel, our engineers discovered the air intake fan was faulty and not repairable.

Replacement fan was sourced and installed within 24 hours of finding the fault.

Need a quote for a replacement fresh air intake fan?

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Our prices are competitive and turn around times quick.

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Our engineers cover a wide area of England including all of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and more. We are regularly in most major towns and cities in the North of England such as Leeds, Sheffield, York, Manchester, Doncaster, Bradford etc. Our call out times are quick and we can usually attend a breakdown the same day.

Why install a fresh air replacement system?

A fresh air replacement system is an essential part of any commercial kitchen. Current guidelines advise all commercial kitchens have some type of mechanical air replacement system in place. These systems ensure to:

  • Replace air removed by extraction system
  • Prevent odors escaping the kitchen area
  • Keep a good air quality for employees and customers
  • Reduce CO levels

See our recent post regarding the importance of fresh air replacement and good ventilation during the Covid-19 pandemic here.

Kitchen canopy and wall cladding manufactured in DP1 fine grain stainless steel.

New Extraction System Install, North Yorkshire

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Extraction system install recently completed. Due to a kitchen upgrade/renovation at Brickfields Farm, North Yorkshire, a new extraction system installation was necessary. Our engineers attended site to complete a site survey to determine canopy size, fan type, extract route etc. All our commercial canopies are bespoke made in high quality stainless steel complete with filter bank and grease filters.

A 2850mm wide stainless steel canopy was manufactured and fitted with wall cladding in DP1 fine grain stainless steel. The rest of the system comprised of 500mm wide stainless ductwork, a 500mm diameter short cased axial fan and a high velocity cowl fitted above roof level.

Installation of this commercial extraction system was completed within 2 days and all items are made and installed to DW172 standards.

Need a new commercial extraction system for your kitchen?

Your commercial kitchen can benefit from the heavy duty construction and easy clean design of our canopies. See details of our tailor made canopies here.

Need a new extraction system install? Contact our Sales Team via the following:

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Our prices are competitive and turn around time from acceptance of quote is around 10-14 days.

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Annual Fan Clean and Service

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An annual clean and service for your commercial extractor fan is essential. It ensures good air flow, minimizes fire risk and prolongs the life length of the fan itself.

Our commercial fan clean and service includes the following:

  • Checking electrical condition of motor
  • Test capacitor and replace if necessary
  • Complete RPM check
  • Test speed controller and check compatibility
  • Full fan clean and refit

It is a legal requirement for all commercial kitchens to clean and service their fan at least once a year and provide certification of this for their buildings insurance. Frequency of fan cleaning depends on level of usage (see table below)

Heavy Use12-16 Hours per dayEvery 3 Months
Moderate Use6-12 Hours per dayEvery 6 Months
Light Use2-6 Hours per dayEvery 12 Months

Need a quote for your commercial extractor fan?

The quickest way is to Watsapp or email us pictures of the fan showing the location within the system and the manufacturers label showing make and model along with the site address. Our sales team will get back to you quickly with full costings and, once we have your approval, will send out an invoice and book you in. We can usually come out within a week to service and clean the fan and will issue your certificate the same day.


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