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June 2022

Smoke, Grease and Odour Control

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Smoke, Grease and Odour Control for Commercial Kitchens

Efficient smoke, grease and odour control is an essential part of the installation of new extract systems. Effective odour control systems ensure any commercial kitchen is safe, clean and compliant. Northern Fan Services offer the design and installation of a wide range of odour control systems including activated carbon filters, electrostatic precipitators (pictured below left) and advanced oxidation technologies such as ozone injection and UV-C.

Esp filtration units

ESP filtration units installed in double pass formation

Roof plant

Roof level plant



Pictured above, a recent installation at The Broadway Shopping Centre, Bradford. The client required high level smoke and grease removal. All ductwork exited the unit via a riser to roof level where we installed 2 x ESP (electrostatic precipitators) units back to back in double pass formation. These units are highly efficient at removing smoke, grease and odour and have minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

Northern Fan Services also offer other forms of effective odour control systems such as carbon filtration and o-zone injector units. A combination of all can be used where extremely high odour control is required.

When designing a new extraction system, our engineers will work with you to ensure you have the system required. Our design plan will include full details of all equipment proposed, HVAC drawings where necessary and the inclusion of noise and odour control.

ESP 5000 Unit ceiling fixed

Ceiling mounted ESP unit

Ceiling mounted ESP unit providing smoke, grease and odour control for central York restaurant.

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