Extractor Fan Noise Reduction

Noise control for extractor fans

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Noise control is an important part of our design service. With many commercial extraction systems, noise control is essential. This is often deemed necessary by the local authority.

New commercial extraction systems may need to make additions to a standard system in order to reduce noise. This could be because they are in a built up area with close neighbours. There are a number of ways this can be done. One of the most popular and efficient ways is to add attenuators to each side of the extractor fan. This reduces noise at both ends. Attenuators can be of varying depths dependant on the amount of noise reduction necessary.

One of our recent installations to a new Pizza Takeaway in Hull had added noise reduction added to the system. Our engineers installed 2 fans and 2 canopies plus a fresh air intake system. Both of these fans have been fitted with highly efficient attenuators to each side ensuring maximum noise reduction.

See here the guidance and top techniques for noise reduction in commercial settings.

When fans operate at peak efficiency, they’re at their quietest. A regular clean and service can help improve efficiency. Our team can help with this. Call us on 01482 650100