Fan change for Merseyside restaurant

  • 18th January 2022
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Recent fan change and system adjustment for a busy restaurant/bar in The Wirral.

Our team was contacted as the current fan was no longer working and was now out of production. We sourced a replacement that would provide the same level of extraction but would require some system adjustments. We installed a 560mm diameter short cased axial extractor fan with some square to round attachments and a 560mm diameter jet cowl to disperse air at roof level.

Our install team was on site within 2 days to install the new fan and adjustments.

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01482 650100

See another example of a larger scale fan change, where previous fan was also no longer in production and replacement was installed with system adjustments, here.

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Common Signs that your extractor fan is in need of a replacement or upgrade:

  • Running slower than usual
  • Cuts off
  • Noisier than usual
  • Fan wont start at all

If your commercial extractor fan is displaying some or all of these symptoms, it is time to give us a call!