Fresh Air Replacement Systems

Why does my kitchen need a fresh air replacement system?

When fresh air replacement systems are installed to a kitchen, it adds replacement air for what’s being drawn out of the kitchen by your extraction system.

Restaurant kitchen extraction systems are often very powerful, removing thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. When air is removed from your kitchen, it needs to be replaced with fresh air. Without that replacement air, you can experience many sorts of unpleasant and even dangerous conditions. The problem is often worse in newer buildings which are constructed to be air-tight, this prevents the natural flow of outside air into the space.

These systems solve many problems such as unpleasant odours, negative air pressure, excess grease, poorly performing extraction hoods and rising CO2 levels.

A fresh air replacement system is often a simple addition to a commercial kitchen. A commercial grade fan is installed to mechanically draw in air from outside to replace any air being extracted. Our fresh air systems are fitted with filtration to filter out any dust, debris and pests being brought in to the kitchen.

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