Gas Interlock System for Commercial Kitchens

It’s now a legal requirement that all new and refurbished commercial kitchens have a gas interlock system installed. This ensures that the gas supply will cut off in the event of a fire, thus preventing any further damage.

Up to date HSE guidance on gas interlock systems can be found here.

gas interlock panel gas interlock systems for commercial kitchens
Commercial kitchen gas interlock panel

It is important to make sure all natural and mechanical ventilation systems are working effectively. The
installer should have fitted the appropriate gas interlock
system between any mechanical ventilation system
and the operation of gas appliances so that failure of
the ventilation system causes the gas supply to the appliances to be shut off. Installation of manual
bypasses to a gas interlock system is not permitted.
Effective preventative maintenance and cleaning will
help to prevent appliances from regular nuisance
shutdown due to the ventilation system failing.

We can also assist with regular fan cleaning and servicing to ensure you are complying with the law. We issue all clients with a fan cleaning certificate which is valid for 12 months.

Details of our fan cleaning service can be found here.

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