Privacy policy

1. Introduction
This document forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Website. The definitions and conventions of the Terms and Conditions therefore also apply to this document.

2. Collection and use of personal data
The Website may collect data through the Functions it offers for Users’ benefit (‘Contact Us’ buttons) and through its information systems and software procedures.

Data collected through the Website’s Functions is used to permit communication with Users requesting information or services and to permit the delivery of services requested by Users, hereafter “Services”. Such data by its very nature permits identification of Users. Data collected through the Website’s information systems and software procedures, including via cookies, is used exclusively to optimise the functioning of the Website as such and is not collected for the purpose of identifying Users.

3. Voluntary submission of information
Personal data submitted voluntarily by Users will be used exclusively for purposes related to the delivery of the services offered by Northern Fan Services Lts and specifically requested by Users. This data may be processed by computer, electronic or paper means. Users are free to submit or withhold their personal data, but refusal to submit such data may make it impossible for requests to be satisfied. Personal data submitted in this way will not be divulged to third parties other than in compliance with legal obligations. Users are furthermore entitled to exercise the rights granted them by data privacy legislation (GDPR & the Data Protection Act 1998), by writing to the registered office of Northern Fan Services Ltd or sending an e-mail to

Nature of collected data
Collected data may contain the following information:

  • name, job title, company name
  • contact information including telephone number and email address
  • demographic information such as postal address, postcode
  • details of service requirements and/or preferences

What we do with the information we gather
Information is collected for the purpose of understanding the needs of Users and to provide the Services requested, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • internal record keeping, e.g. project definition, management and accounting
  • the development and improvement of Services
  • Northern Fan Services Ltd may send emails to follow up previous Services or to present information we think Users may find interesting, using voluntarily submitted email, phone, fax or mail contact details.

4. Cookies
Users can control the way cookies are managed through their browser. Disabling cookies does not in itself prevent access to the Website. However, if all cookies are deleted/disabled, it may prove difficult or impossible to perform certain operations.

5. Navigation Data
The information systems and software procedures that ensure the functioning of the Website acquire certain items of data implicitly through Internet protocol. Such data is not collected for the purpose of identifying Users. The Website uses the data collected by information systems and software procedures exclusively to optimise functioning and does not store, divulge or publish such data.