Covid Safe Kitchens

Covid safe kitchens are now, more than ever, a very important factor in the management of any commercial kitchen. Adequate ventilation is essential. As part of the re-opening of all hospitality following the pandemic, there has been a real focus on adequate air flow within the kitchen.

Northern Fan Services offer a design and installation service for all types of commercial kitchen extraction systems. With a focus on a covid safe kitchen.
Covid safe kitchens – adequate ventilation and air flow.

Fresh Air Replacement Systems

A key factor in maintaining adequate air flow in any commercial kitchen is the replacement of extracted air. This is best done mechanically using a fresh air replacement system. A commercial grade fan is installed to mechanically draw air from outside to replace air extracted by the canopy. This ensures that the kitchen is a safe environment to work in. Our fresh air systems are fitted with filtration, to ensure only clean air enters the kitchen. We also install a diffuser to control the direct of air.

Efficient Extraction Systems

Another important factor to ensure adequate air flow is an efficient extraction system. If you feel your extraction system is not working correctly, contact our team on 01482 650100. Our engineers can complete a site survey and make recommendations to improve your system.

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