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Commercial Fan Replacement – Manchester

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Recent commercial fan replacement for this popular Thai restaurant in Central Manchester.

Our engineers were contacted as the clients previous fan had suddenly cut out. We attended a next day call out and it was determined the fan needed replacing. Replacement fan was installed 2 days later and the restaurant was up and running as normal.

For any emergency breakdown. We can usually attend same or next day. Our first priority is to repair the existing fan. Where this is not possible, we will quote you quickly and efficiently for a replacement. Our engineers carry a wide range of new extractor fans with them. If we don’t have a compatible replacement, we can usually get most makes and models within 1 working day. This ensures minimum disruption to your business.

Need a commercial fan replacement?

The quickest way to get in touch is to call our sales team on 01482 650100

Or simply Whatsapp us on 07927743336. Include full site details, pictures of the fans location and the manufacturers label from the fan showing make and model. We will get straight back to you with a quote.

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New Commercial Extractor Fan

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New commercial extractor fan fitted for this busy Northamptonshire restaurant following breakdown of the previous fan. This popular Indian restaurant contacted us out of hours as their current fan had gone down. Our engineers attended with compatible replacement which was fitted the next day.

Got an out of hours emergency with your commercial extractor fan?

A sudden breakdown is a stressful situation in the fast paced world of catering. Our team are well equipped to deal with this and can often get out to you same day to repair the problem. Where a repair is not possible, we can often replace the fan/controller on site. We keep a wide range of the most popular fan brands and sizes in stock.

Should you need us for an emergency:

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Ductwork Repair and Fan Clean – Manchester

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Ductwork repair/ adjustments completed by NFS engineers at popular Manchester Bar + Grill. Our engineers also fully cleaned and services the extractor fan before re-fitting it to the new bespoke made ductwork attachments.

Fan Clean and Service

Our fan service includes the following:

  • Check electrical condition of motor
  • Test capacitor and replace if necessary
  • Complete RPM check
  • Test speed controller and check compatibility
  • Full fan clean and degrease

A fan cleaning certificate is issued following the clean.

To get a quick Fan Clean + Service quote – complete an enquiry form – HERE. Our friendly sales team will then be in touch to ask for a full site address and pictures of the fan showing its location.

Ductwork Repair

Our engineers undertake a wide range of ductwork repairs and adjustments ensuring any internal or external ductwork is up to standard, free from leaks and correctly installed.

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Roof Unit Plate Fans Serviced

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Three roof unit plate fans serviced at a recent job for an automation factory.

Engineers accessed the fans externally and removed them from the roof to fully clean and service them before re-installing and replacing the cowls.

A full fan clean and service with us includes:

  • Fan removed and fully cleaned and de-greased
  • Bearings checked
  • Capacitors changed where necessary
  • Cabling check
  • Full RPM check
  • Speed controller compatibility check

Regularly servicing and cleaning your extractor fan prolongs the life length. We recommend a clean and service for your extractor fan every 12 months.

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Need a quote for your extractor fan clean and service? Whether you are a restaurant, takeaway, cafe, hotel or factory – we can help!

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From fan repairs and replacements and clean and services to full system installations, our team can help with it all. Any issue with a commercial extraction system can difficult to manage as a fully efficient system is essential to the smooth running of your business. Our engineers offer same day call outs and can often rectify an issue on site.

Annual Extractor Fan Clean

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An annual extractor fan clean and service is a requirement for all commercial kitchens. Most commercial insurance policies will ask for evidence of this to comply with fire safety guidelines. Our engineers provide an excellent commercial cleaning service. We also service the motor to prolong its lifespan and ensure it is operating to the expected standard.

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To get a quick quote for your annual extractor fan clean. Visit our contact page here and complete a contact form including full site address.

Following a fan clean and service, a certificate will be issued. Accompanying the certificate will be before and after pics of the clean. We always show the client pictures so they can be assured the clean has been done efficiently. Some insurances also ask to see these.

Many fans displaying some operating issues may just need a good clean and a service. Some symptoms of a heavily greased fan could be:

  • Fan operating slower than usual due to grease build up.
  • Smoke and fume build up in the kitchen.
  • Fan noisier than usual.

Give our sales team a call to book us in on 01482 650100

Kitchen Canopy Install

Kitchen Canopy Install for York Wine Bar

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New kitchen canopy install for this lovely York wine and pizza bar. Canopy was made and installed by us to serve a double decked pizza oven. Site survey was completed pre-install and items manufactured by us were produced within a week. Installation was completed within 2 days.

All canopies supplied by us are bespoke made. We ensure all canopies are made to DW172 standards with the correct overhang to provide adequate extraction and comply with current guidance. Some information on the guidance can be found here.

All parts supplied by ourselves come with a years manufacturers warranty and we give a years warranty on all labour carried out by ourselves.

Once a new extraction system is installed, we recommend maintaining regular clean and service schedule. This should be completed at least once every 12 months. We can provide an extractor fan clean and service. Details of what this includes are included here.

Need a kitchen canopy install, a quick price or some advice on what your business requires?

Fan change for Merseyside restaurant

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Recent fan change and system adjustment for a busy restaurant/bar in The Wirral.

Our team was contacted as the current fan was no longer working and was now out of production. We sourced a replacement that would provide the same level of extraction but would require some system adjustments. We installed a 560mm diameter short cased axial extractor fan with some square to round attachments and a 560mm diameter jet cowl to disperse air at roof level.

Our install team was on site within 2 days to install the new fan and adjustments.

Need a fan change? Have issues sourcing fan replacement? Give our team a call!

01482 650100

See another example of a larger scale fan change, where previous fan was also no longer in production and replacement was installed with system adjustments, here.

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Common Signs that your extractor fan is in need of a replacement or upgrade:

  • Running slower than usual
  • Cuts off
  • Noisier than usual
  • Fan wont start at all

If your commercial extractor fan is displaying some or all of these symptoms, it is time to give us a call!

New Extract System Installation

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Our team recently completed the installation of a new extract system in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Our client got in touch as he had purchased the extraction system but his previous install team had let him down. We attended site to complete a survey of the kitchen and the system before attending the following week to install.

We manufacture and install all of our systems but, in situations where a client has already committed to the purchase of a canopy/system elsewhere, we would be happy to quote for install only.

Need a quote for either the supply and install or install only of an extraction system? Visit our contact page HERE to get in touch with our sales team via phone, email or Watsapp.

Have a look at other recently completed projects, or send us a non-urgent, out of hours message via our Facebook Page.

Every new extract system installed by us comes with 1 years labour guarantee on all works and any equipment we supply comes with a years manufacturers warranty.

We repair and install all commercial extraction systems in a wide range of businesses. From restaurants, takeaways and cafes to hotels, schools, colleges, care homes and factories. We cover Hull, Beverley, Goole, Doncaster, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and most towns and villages in the North of England.

Replacement Air Intake Fan

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This replacement air intake fan was installed in a busy Halifax pub. Following the installation of a new gas interlock panel, our engineers discovered the air intake fan was faulty and not repairable.

Replacement fan was sourced and installed within 24 hours of finding the fault.

Need a quote for a replacement fresh air intake fan?

Give our sales team a call on 01482 650100 or email

Our prices are competitive and turn around times quick.

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Our engineers cover a wide area of England including all of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and more. We are regularly in most major towns and cities in the North of England such as Leeds, Sheffield, York, Manchester, Doncaster, Bradford etc. Our call out times are quick and we can usually attend a breakdown the same day.

Why install a fresh air replacement system?

A fresh air replacement system is an essential part of any commercial kitchen. Current guidelines advise all commercial kitchens have some type of mechanical air replacement system in place. These systems ensure to:

  • Replace air removed by extraction system
  • Prevent odors escaping the kitchen area
  • Keep a good air quality for employees and customers
  • Reduce CO levels

See our recent post regarding the importance of fresh air replacement and good ventilation during the Covid-19 pandemic here.

Kitchen canopy and wall cladding manufactured in DP1 fine grain stainless steel.

New Extraction System Install, North Yorkshire

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Extraction system install recently completed. Due to a kitchen upgrade/renovation at Brickfields Farm, North Yorkshire, a new extraction system installation was necessary. Our engineers attended site to complete a site survey to determine canopy size, fan type, extract route etc. All our commercial canopies are bespoke made in high quality stainless steel complete with filter bank and grease filters.

A 2850mm wide stainless steel canopy was manufactured and fitted with wall cladding in DP1 fine grain stainless steel. The rest of the system comprised of 500mm wide stainless ductwork, a 500mm diameter short cased axial fan and a high velocity cowl fitted above roof level.

Installation of this commercial extraction system was completed within 2 days and all items are made and installed to DW172 standards.

Need a new commercial extraction system for your kitchen?

Your commercial kitchen can benefit from the heavy duty construction and easy clean design of our canopies. See details of our tailor made canopies here.

Need a new extraction system install? Contact our Sales Team via the following:

Call – 01482 650100

Watsapp – 07927743336

Email –

Our prices are competitive and turn around time from acceptance of quote is around 10-14 days.

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