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July 2023

New Fans and Ductwork for busy Altrincham restaurant

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Our team recently installed 2 x new fans and ductwork for this busy Thai Restaurant in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.


New extract fans and ductwork installed in loft space

Extract fans and ductwork installed in loft space

External ductwork with termination cowls

External ductwork with termination cowls

The commercial kitchen canopy required some additional support to improve airflow. Our team installed 2 x separate ductwork runs each with its own extract fan. This greatly improved the airflow in the kitchen.

For a busy commercial kitchen, an adequate extraction system is essential as well as a legal requirement. Our expert team of engineers can assist with any alterations to your current system to make sure it complies with current guidelines and creates a comfortable working environment for all kitchen staff.

Need a new system? Our team can assist with planning permission, where necessary, and help design a bespoke system to suit your business. All of our extract canopies are bespoke made, from high quality stainless steel, complete with washable grease filters and drip trays.

We also install air replacement systems. It is now a legal requirement for commercial kitchens to have these systems to replace air drawn out by the extract system.

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