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July 2022

Extraction System Adjustments

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Extraction system adjustments are, often, a simple and cost effective way of improving the working environment in the kitchen.

Our team were on site at the Alpamare Water Park in Scarborough to install some system adjustments and new ductwork in order to connect an existing extract fan in their plant room to the main kitchen canopy. By doing this, air flow rates were greatly improved in the kitchen, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment.

commercial kitchen canopy commercial extract fan in plant room

Take a look at other recently completed extraction system adjustments or contact us out of hours via our Facebook Page.

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Another way to improve air flow in a commercial kitchen, is with the introduction of a fresh air replacement system. This is now a legal requirement for all commercial kitchens. These systems replace the air extracted out by the main kitchen canopy with fresh air from outside.  Details of these systems can be found here.

Any commercial extract system should also undergo a regular clean and service, at least every 12 months. Not doing this regularly will greatly affect the performance of the system. Our team can also help with this. Just get in touch!