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Ductwork Repair and Fan Clean – Manchester

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Ductwork repair/ adjustments completed by NFS engineers at popular Manchester Bar + Grill. Our engineers also fully cleaned and services the extractor fan before re-fitting it to the new bespoke made ductwork attachments.

Fan Clean and Service

Our fan service includes the following:

  • Check electrical condition of motor
  • Test capacitor and replace if necessary
  • Complete RPM check
  • Test speed controller and check compatibility
  • Full fan clean and degrease

A fan cleaning certificate is issued following the clean.

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Ductwork Repair

Our engineers undertake a wide range of ductwork repairs and adjustments ensuring any internal or external ductwork is up to standard, free from leaks and correctly installed.

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Bespoke External Ductwork, Beverley Town Centre

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external ductwork powder coated

This bespoke external ductwork panelling was manufactured for the Sumo Pan Asian unit at Flemingate Shopping Centre in Beverley, East Yorkshire. The panels were powder coated to match with the rest of the centre.

The design aspect of any installation is extremely important to us. We understand that, as well as having a system that functions well, it also has to look stylish. When our client contacted us to design this external ductwork, we also liaised with the management company of the shopping centre to get their input and to match the RAL colour to the other units ductwork systems. 

As well as the external aspect of the system, here at Northern Fan Services, we design, manufacture and install all parts of extraction and ventilation systems. From the initial enquiry to the final installation day, we are hand on ensuring every aspect of the system is exactly what your commercial kitchen needs to ensure optimum levels of extraction and fresh air supply.  

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Sumo Pan Asian, Beverley