Annual Extractor Fan Clean

  • 1st February 2022
150 150 Northern Fan Services

An annual extractor fan clean and service is a requirement for all commercial kitchens. Most commercial insurance policies will ask for evidence of this to comply with fire safety guidelines. Our engineers provide an excellent commercial cleaning service. We also service the motor to prolong its lifespan and ensure it is operating to the expected standard.

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Following a fan clean and service, a certificate will be issued. Accompanying the certificate will be before and after pics of the clean. We always show the client pictures so they can be assured the clean has been done efficiently. Some insurances also ask to see these.

Many fans displaying some operating issues may just need a good clean and a service. Some symptoms of a heavily greased fan could be:

  • Fan operating slower than usual due to grease build up.
  • Smoke and fume build up in the kitchen.
  • Fan noisier than usual.

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