New Canopy and Extraction System for Hull Cafe

  • 5th April 2019
150 150 Northern Fan Services

This new café in Hull contacted us to install a completely new extraction system. This stainless steel canopy and spiral ductwork was manufactured and installed within a week of the quotation. Another happy customer!

New stainless steel canopy with filter bank, bafel grease filters and header. Stainless steel bafel filters are efficient at grease removal and washable.

We understand that every commercial kitchen has its own unique needs when it comes to extraction and ventilation. All our projects undergo a full site survey prior to the design and installation of systems. Because of this, once we are at the manufacturing stage, we are able to install quickly knowing everything has been tailor made to fit your kitchen precisely. Our team are extremely proud of our ability to offer quick turn around times with both design and manufacturing. We work with you to ensure you get the ventilation system which will work best for your business.

Contact our team to obtain a quote. Our prices are competitive and turn around times are quick. We can usually install within a week to 10 days from quote acceptance.

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